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    Lower Shore Progressive Caucus and Fenix Youth Project Form Partnership To Better Serve the Lower Shore

    SALISBURY, SEPTEMBER 14, 2020 -- The Lower Shore Progressive Caucus and Fenix Youth Project are excited to announce that they will be forming a partnership to more constructively serve everyone, but more specifically, the youth, on the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland. This alignment will help strengthen youth activism and community organizing; advocate for criminal justice reform on a state and local level; and provide skills and opportunities to make legislative changes.

    “As a fellow youth activist, it’s important to give back and provide resources to other youth activists to get their voices heard,” said 22 year-old Chair of LSPC, Jared Schablien. 

    “We are in the middle of an uprising of young leaders and changemakers; as adults it’s our responsibility to prepare youth for the torch we must pass along to them,” said Amber Green, Executive Director of Fenix Youth Project. “This is our responsibility and I’m grateful that LSPC is willing to answer that call.” 

    This new and remarkable partnership will:  

    • Strengthen youth activism and community organizing in the Lower Eastern Shore region by offering workshops, classes, and opportunities to organize effectively in the community.
    • Put young voices of the Lower Eastern Shore on the frontlines of advocating for criminal justice reform on a state and local level.
    • Provide skills and opportunities to make legislative changes on a local and state level. 

    To get involved with either one of these organizations more information can be found at https://www.lowershoreprogressives.com and http://www.fenixyouthproject.org/.



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  • Lower Shore Progressive Caucus endorses Jessica Scarane for Senate.

    Lower Shore Progressive Caucus endorses Jessica Scarane for Senate. 


    SALISBURY, MD (July 13, 2020) -- This year, members of the Lower Shore Progressive Caucus voted to support several progressive candidates running for office. With this goal in mind, we encourage all our friends on the Delaware side of the Eastern Shore to support progressive champion Jessica Scarane in her bid to unseat conservative, pro-corporateSenator Chris Coons in the 2020 Democratic Primary on September 15th.

    Jessica Scarane is the fresh new leadership that Delaware and the United States Senate desperately need after decades of massive wealth inequality, corporate pollution and climate change, an affordable housing crisis, and mass incarceration. Jessica’s campaign is a grassroots, people-funded movement that rejects all corporate PAC money. She is running on a platform that includes Medicare for All, a universal housing guarantee, a Green New Deal, and ending our nation’s endless wars These policies are crucial in America’s recovery effort from the COVID-19 pandemic and are critical for helping us build a better country and world.


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  • Lower Shore Progressive Caucus announces formation of the Lower Shore Progressive Caucus Political Action Committee

    Lower Shore Progressive Caucus announces formation of the Lower Shore Progressive Caucus Political Action Committee

    Maryland’s Lower Eastern Shore— 9/3/20 Today at their monthly member meeting, the Lower Shore Progressive Caucus announced the approval by the State Board of Elections of the Lower Shore Progressive Caucus Political Action Committee (LSPC PAC). 


    Mission Statement of the LSPC PAC:

    The mission of the LSPC PAC is to promote the election and re-election of candidates for public office who share the ideals and causes of the Lower Shore Progressive Caucus.



                As part of the fundraising efforts of the LSPC PAC, the Lower Shore Progressive Caucus is requesting contributions to the Political Action Committee so that they may begin their work to provide support to candidates and engage in voter outreach. For electronic donations please visit the Act Blue link at https://secure.actblue.com/donate/lower-shore-progressive-caucus-pac-1


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  • A rebuke to MD-01 Rep. Andy Harris

    May 2, 2020
    Congressman Andy Harris, M.D.
    2334 Rayburn HOB
    Washington, DC 20515
    Representative Harris,
              Here we are May 2020; Let me start by saying that your behavior on 05/02/2020 was reckless.  This COVID-19 pandemic is an ever-growing tragedy.  Being as though you are a physician, I would honestly expect more from you. (I am not sure why) YOU are a disgrace to every single elected official across this state. Governor Hogan has set measures in place to protect the citizens of Maryland, and you do not care. Let me explain something to you, opening this state will KILL us! How dare you take part in a rally to reopen the state, you’re not dependable! 
              As of yesterday, we had 1,730 confirmed positive COVID-19 cases in the state of Maryland.  I realize even with the stern guidelines; this state is becoming more ill by the day. I have so much more to say, but you will not care. YOU ARE AN IDIOT! There have been many instances where we needed your help, and you did not show up. However, you did today; you showed up in a big way.
             Back in 2011, I met you at the J. Millard Tawes Crab and Clam Bake; I remember it like it was yesterday.  My boss encouraged me to stay away from you, yet I still took a picture with you.  I did not understand at the time why Jim did not like you.  Over the years, I have grown to understand.  In March 2019, The National League of cities set up a meeting with you and I.  When I showed up to your office, they treated me like a second-class citizen. THEN you never met with me.  I was extremely disappointed, I thought you would want to interact with officials from the Eastern Shore.
             You are not concerned with the well-being of Marylanders; you are concerned with life-risking labor.  YOU are corrupt, and WE WANT YOU TO STAY AWAY FROM THE EASTERN SHORE, just like you normally do. 
    Todd J. Nock
    District 4 Council Member
    City of Pocomoke City
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  • The Voice of Stability during Covid-19: Salisbury's Mayor Jacob Day

    The Voice of Stability during Covid-19: Salisbury's Mayor Jacob Day

    The outbreak of Covid-19 has caused significant stress on all aspects of life. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs and struggle to operate what many would consider a healthy daily life. In addition to new daily stressors is the anxiety that comes from trying to figure out how we will continue to pay bills and avoid getting sick during these trying times. While millions struggle, the federal government has failed to put forth any meaningful response to provide aid to working-class people or slow the spread of this deadly disease.

    Fortunately for us here on the Lower Eastern Shore, we have had a voice of stability and guidance in Mayor Jacob Day of Salisbury. Since this outbreak started, Mayor Day continues to relay crucial information that we need to stay safe and flatten the curve and to answer questions asked by the community via a daily video briefing on Facebook live.

    Mayor Day has worked around the clock with our state and federal representatives to address things such as getting relief aid for our communities and ensuring constituents still get the state and federal resources they need.

    Finally, Mayor Day has stepped up by implementing an emergency declaration to fight the spread of Covid-19 here. His orders include:

    • limiting the number of occupants who can be in retail or commercial facilities at one time;
    • prohibiting all self-serve foods and product sampling;
    • ensuring that cleaning guidelines set by the CDC and MDH are followed;
    • requiring a minimum of six feet of distance in lines, outside and inside stores; and
    • establishing 1 to 2 exclusive hours per day for high-risk populations, such as senior citizens and other high risk populations.

    These measures will establish the conditions needed to reduce the spread of the disease and help keep the community safe. While the world around us exhibits instability and chaos due to the Covid-19 outbreak, it is reassuring to know that our community is taking action to fight this disease, and that we have the stability to overcome this all from calm leadership of Mayor Jacob Day.

    Written by Jared Schablein

    Chair of the Lower Shore Progressive Caucus

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