Letter to the Eastern Shore Delegation

Dear Eastern Shore State Delegates and Senators:


As you are keenly aware, the Eastern Shore has long struggled to attract new industry and bring about greater economic growth.  We want to see an Eastern Shore economy, built from rural strengths, that is not just strong, but one that is thriving and with an eye towards innovation, opportunity, and global awareness.   


It’s no secret that the Eastern Shore’s economy has been affected by industries leaving, policies that restrict our H2-B/J-1 visa workers, a trade war that hurts our agricultural sector, the 2008 financial meltdown, and more.  What’s left is a region dealing with higher rates of poverty, less opportunity, and residents that are struggling to get by. 


For the greater part of a decade, our region has been working towards an opportunity to bring both jobs and economic growth, through off-shore wind.


We know some of you have been opposed to this project in the past, but we are asking you to step back and support the bigger picture.  This project allows the Eastern Shore an opportunity to become industry leaders in an industry that is clearly a strong part of the future clean energy mix.  Today Europe has more than 80 offshore wind projects producing over 11,000 megawatts of clean energy. These projects prove that Representative Harris is wrong when he tries to say the offshore wind project is a “defense risk.”  The truth is that offshore wind developers and the U.S. military have worked in tandem with our NATO allies in the North Sea alongside offshore wind turbines for decades. 


The construction of offshore wind and future green energy projects across the Eastern Shore would allow for the birth of a modern clean energy economy that will produce thousands of skilled, family-supporting jobs across our entire region.  According to the Public Service Commission, this first offshore wind project alone would bring $1.8 billion of in-state spending as well as 9,700 direct and indirect jobs. Keeping in mind that the U.S. industry is just beginning to develop this tremendous untapped offshore wind resource, this presents an opportunity for the Eastern Shore and all of Maryland to put our businesses and our workers at the forefront of this imminent American industry.


With this in mind, this coalition of elected officials, organizations, and active constituents from across Maryland’s First Congressional District, is urging you to publicly take a side.  Will you publicly write a letter urging Rep. Harris to put the Eastern Shore before partisan politics and to fully support prioritizing off-shore wind energy? We eagerly wait for your response and appreciate your service. 




Jared Schablein 

Chair, Lower Shore Progressive Caucus

Susan Olsen 

Indivisible Dorchester

Katherine Maynard 

Kent and Queen Anne's Indivisible

Susan Byer

Indivisible Worcester

Cecilia Plante 

The Maryland Legislative Coalition

Jacob Day 

Mayor of Salisbury

Kristy Fogle


Brooke Harper

Chesapeake Climate Action Network

Susan Andrew

Caroline Huddle

Josh Hastings 

Wicomico County Council District 4

Todd Nock 

Pocomoke City Council District 4 

Michele Gregory

Candidate, Salisbury City Council District 4

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