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Dr. Kirkland Hall has been a progressive champion and the Lower Eastern Shore. He's been both a professor and coach at University of Maryland Eastern Shore for 40 years. Dr. Hall is a lifetime civil right activist and child welfare advocateand many times he has overcome the odds to create a better life for Somerset County and Lower Shore residents. With Kirkland Hall as Delegate of District 38-A, the county and rest of the Lower Eastern Shore will get a much needed advocate that will fight to address the social, racial, environmental, and economic injustices we face. He will help build a more sustainable future for working people on the Lower Shore. 





Dan has done just about every job you can think of, but running for office is new for him. However, just because he’s never run for anything, does not mean he has been silent on social and political issues in his community. Dan executive produced a documentary called “The Sign” that premiered at the OC Film Festival. The documentary focused on the debate behind the Confederate General John Winder sign on the lawn of the Wicomico County Courthouse, exploring every aspect from the history of the sign and General Winder, to the exploring the history of racism on the Lower Eastern Shore.

Having owned several businesses in the past, Dan understands the needs of business owners, along with the necessity, and benefits, of providing basic services like healthcare, housing, and college education to citizens. Dan believes money in politics is the root of all evil in our political system, and suggests campaign finance reform as the necessary path to make our democracy more representative of the people.

Dan O'Hare for Maryland Delegate 37B




Michael Pullen is a 40-year Eastern Shore Native. and has served as Talbot County Attorney for 24 years. He also founded the grassroots organization Talbot Rising, represented the Democratic Party at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. He is a progressive candidate who supports single payer healthcare, increased federal funding for public education at all levels, protecting the environment, and paid paternal leave. Also, increasing the minimum wage is an issue that is important and he believes that families should make a livable wage to be able to support their families.

Michael Pullen is Pullen for education, Pullen for the environment, Pullen for healthcare, Pullen for families and Pullen for us.





An Eastern Shore native, Jamaad Gould knows the problems Wicomico families face, and how to work together to find solutions. He studied Music Technology at Bowie State University, but returned back to the shore after graduating in 2014 to give back to the community. He’s been involved in many local community programs including the Fenix Youth Project and Extraordinary League of Gentlemen, learning first hand what it will take to improve the lives of the young people in our county.

He states his top priorities are transparency, collaboration with local governments, fund allocation, and lowering crime by investing in youth.

One Voice Wicomico





A proud native of the Eastern Shore, Josh grew up on a poultry farm and Maryland’s first certified organic farm - in Mardela Springs. Josh's political experience includes being Legislative Assistant to the Chair of the Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee, in the Maryland State Senate. For the last 6 years, Josh has monitored federal, state and local land use policy at a regional nonprofit.

Josh is a 2016 Institute for Policy Studies- New Economy Fellow and a LEAD Maryland (Class VIII) alumnus. He is serving a 3-year term on the State’s Rural Legacy Advisory Board and is the current Chairman of the Rural Maryland Council.

Josh Hastings is highly qualified and ready to lead us to a better future for Wicomico County. He holds two Bachelor’s degrees from Salisbury University (Business Marketing, Political Science) and a Master’s degree in Public Policy from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. His goals in office are to revamp and support the regional airport, increase green infrastructure/connectivity, and much stronger investment in Wicomico educators.





Michele Gregory was born in Richmond, Virginia but spent her childhood living in various locations from Florida to Pennsylvania, including Great Yarmouth and Devon in England. As the daughter of a British immigrant and public school teacher, she has followed politics closely for as long as she can remember, with the encouragement of family who worked on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

She attended Delaware Tech and University of Delaware, and moved to Wicomico County in 1996. Michele has been an early childhood educator for more than 20 years, and recently closed her business. Her oldest child is special needs and has many health issues, giving Michele a unique perspective to many issues, from healthcare to education.

Her goals for Wicomico County include job and wage growth through green energy and raising the minimum wage, investing more than the current minimum allowed level of funding for education and expanding to universal pre-k, and promoting economic and racial justice in our communities.





Carissa Antonis is a sophomore at Salisbury University pursuing a dual degree in International Relations and Urban and Regional Planning. As the president of the Salisbury University Democrats, Carissa fights for a local government and Democratic Party that supports working people.

Carissa’s primary goals are to change the false perception that the Eastern Shore is a strictly conservative region that Democrats are unable to win, engage and movement build in Wicomico County, and elect representatives that will represent Wicomico County

Carissa Antonis




Matt Davidson is a senior at Salisbury University studying Political Science and International Studies. While he was born and has lived in Annapolis his whole life, he came to the Eastern Shore for school and quickly became enamored with the Eastern Shore and concerned with issues facing the local community after living and working in Salisbury for almost 4 years. In the past he has been involved in community service at schools in Washington D.C., Salisbury, and abroad in South America and seeks to work for the community again here in Wicomico County.

Matt top priorities would are to bring an end to the disenfranchisement among voters in the area which has plagued it for too long, owing to the illusion that Wicomico County is a no-win region for Progressives, and to push issues like campaign finance reform, universal healthcare, and openness and receptiveness to the community by elected officials.

Matt Davidson for Wicomico County Dem. Central Committee




Born in Richmond Virginia she eventually moved to Howard County Maryland with her family. She later moved to the Eastern Shore to study where she is currently a senior at Salisbury University, Crystal has become involved with many different groups over the past four years. She serves as the Vice President of the College Democrats as well as the College Outreach Committee Chair for a local political group called the Lower Shore Progressive Caucus.

Crystal’s top priority is to include minority communities in the political discussion, and bring more diversity within the local Democratic Party.

Crystal Jones for Wicomico County Central Committee




Jake was born and raised in Howard county and recently moved to Salisbury to study political science at Salisbury University. Jake has adopted, and embraced, Wicomico County and the Lower Shore as his new home. He has actively engaged in his community as the Liaison Chair for the Lower Shore Progressive Caucus, an active member of the SU Democrats, and is an intern for the City of Salisbury.

Jake's top issues are getting big money out of politics, single-payer healthcare, and holding the government accountable - which includes fellow Democrats.

Jake Burdett For Dem Central Committee




Jared Schablein was born and raised on the Eastern Shore spending his whole life in Wicomico County. It has been Jared’s life work to build a progressive political movement here in Wicomico County and across the Lower Shore to help address the Economic, Racial, Social, environmental injustices we face.

Jared first got involved in politics at twelve years old and has worked on several local, state, and federal campaigns including Obama’s 2012 re-election, Bernie Sanders and Secretary Clinton’s 2016 presidential race, and Chris Van Hollen’s 2016 Senate race.

Now a sophomore at the University of Maryland College Park, Jared is pursuing a bachelors in Government and Politics and a minor in History.

Jared’s primary goals would be to give a voice to young and disenfranchised voters within the Maryland Democratic Party, create a local party platform that fights for working Wicomico Families, and focus on community outreach in rural areas.

Jared Schablein 




Deborah Nissley attended school in Somerset County before moving to Catskill, New York, where she served as a town councilman. Nissley returned to Somerset County twelve years ago and has diligently worked towards improving her community. She is a frequent contributor of editorials to the Daily times.

She was inspired by Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign in 2016 and hopes to enact similar principles on the county level in order to improve the day to day life of Somerset residents.




Holly Wright is a first time candidate with a Bachelor of Arts in Government and worked in public health at both the state and regional level for over 20 years. Wright was staff to senior management at Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield and Montefiore Medical Center. She also directed a nursing home quality assurance program that covered 40 facilities in Bronx, New York.

Wright’s legislative priorities are increased environmental protections, expanded addiction treatment services, stopping escalating prescription drug prices, workforce development for youth, and adequate and equitable funding for K-12 education.





Shanie Shields has been a long time public servant, having served on the Salisbury City Council for over 10 years. She’s been a civil rights advocate since her days at Wicomico High School, where she was inspired by Dr. King’s message and works. On the City Council, she created partnerships and helped bring infighting on the council to an end, to the benefit of the community.

Her goals are to foster inclusiveness, teamwork and respect in our county government in the same way she did at the city level.



Seth Mitchell was Born and Raised on the Lower Eastern Shore in Salisbury Maryland. Graduating from Bennett High school in 1975. Seth then went on to earn a Bachelors of Arts in Philosophy from Salisbury University and Jurvis Doctorate from the University of Baltimore School Of Law.

Seth has spent 30 years working several different levels of criminal law in Wicomico county and goals are to have a state’s attorney that is level headed, maintain a degree of professionalism, and keep a high degree of ethical standards.


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